The blog

‘Brains but no polish’ is part of a lyric from my favourite musical, Hamilton, written by (the greatest lyricist/playwright of our generation) Lin Manuel-Miranda. Please note it is “polish” as in, to polish something, not “Polish” as in, the language they speak in Poland. My friend Joe was quite confused about this, telling me he hoped I learned more Polish soon.

Writing has always been something I wanted to do, having never been able to help myself from narrating my day to day in my head how I would write it down, and this blog is a way to practice, I guess. I’m not sure what kind of writing I want to do, so expect the blog to be all over the place and without much direction for the moment! I often see or do something and get so excited I need to write it down as a kind of energy release, and this seemed like a good idea for that as well as helping me hone any skill I may have for if and when I try to turn writing into some sort of a career. So far, it’s just been a fun way to share my opinions and write about things that make me happy or are worth sharing- it’s by no means meant to be a particularly serious endeavour.


I live in Singapore, but am currently studying for a BA in English and History at the University of York. I love musical theatre, reading and, unashamedly so, One Direction.


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